Executive Board
Rachel 'CrackeL' Winham
Inactive Member

My name is Rachel Winham and my nickname is sister CrackeL. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major with a concentrations in Psychology, Anthropology, and Public Health. After college I'd like to travel and spend time volunteering in third world countries and eventually come home and go to grad school.

Carly 'Bombshell' Brooks
Inactive Member

Hello! My name is Carly Brooks and I'm a nursing student here at Southern. I was called "carl" for a good portion of my high school career but now I go by Bombshell, a nickname given to me by my amazing big Kylie! A few of my favorite things are sushi, my littles Kim, Meaghan and Shelby, cats, and my mom. Coming to Southern was one of the best decisions I've made and joining the wonderful pink world of OZP was by far an even greater one!
Jaida 'OutLaw' Burke
Active Member

​My name is Jaida Burke. I am a senior studying communication with a concentration in personal and professional communication. I am an OA and a peer assistant for the communication department. In my spare time, I love to dance and spend time with my friends and family. After graduation, I hope to be working in a human resource office in the medical field. I am looking forward to my last year here at southern.
Gina 'SUGAR~PLUMM' Garbatini 
Inactive Member

Hello! My name is Gina Garbatini and I am sister SUGAR~PLUMM. I have enjoyed being involved in Omega Zeta Pi Sorority for the past four years. I am a senior and an Elementary Education and History major. I love the New York Rangers and watching old movies and I love spending time with my family and our puppy Stella.
Ashley 'abSINthe' Gilbey
Active Member 

Hey guys!! My name is Ashley Gilbey AKA sister abSINthe. My major is Elementary Education with a minor in Italian and History, and I just can't wait to become a teacher! My two biggest passions in life are my family and children. Being around kids makes me so happy. Maybe that's why so many people compare me to a 5 year old. I'm also obsessed with the beach. You could find me there almost everyday of the summer along with pinkberry. Most importantly, I absolutely love OZP and all of my sisters!!!!
Marcelina 'MOscAtO' Lombardi
Inactive Member

My name is Marcelina Lombardi, my nickname is sister MOscAtO and I am a member of the Mu Class. I'm a Senior Nursing student bittersweet about graduating in May. I would love to work in either Pediatrics or Obstetrics. I love working out, eating, movies, eating, and playing jokes on people.
Rose 'blisS' Martin

My name is Rose Martin and I'm a senior studying communication and chemistry. I'm an RA, OA, student worker and honors college student. I love to read and watch movies. I apply to medical school in June, and until then I'm enjoying my last year at Southern with the incredible sisters I'm proud to call family!
Kalie 'ARRow' Menders
Active Member

My name is Kalie Menders and I am a senior at SCSU. I'm majoring in Communication Disorders and minoring in Spanish. I currently serve as the President of the Student Government Association and I'm an Orientation Ambassador. During my time off, I love my job working as a waitress at the Florence Griswold Museum.
Lindsey 'Honey Bea.' Miranda
Inactive Member

My name is Lindsey Miranda and I am sister Honey Bea.! I am a senior here at Southern majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing but I hope to go into real estate! I love love love dogs, friends, family and food!
Chrissy 'blackJAX' Pettengill
Inactive Member

Hey, I'm Chrissy, sister blackJAX! I'm studying Communication Disorders for my undergrad degree and will hopefully go on to my masters in Speech Pathology at a university in Florida. I hope to move there after I graduate from Southern! I absolutely love the beach, warm weather, and being tan. Besides school, I'm really passionate about singing and writing music. And of course, I love all of my sisters who have given me a beautiful family away from home.
Robin 'vikSIN' Stanley
Philanthropy Chair

My name is Robin and I am sister vikSIN. I love seeing my parents and sister every once and a while on the weekends, I am very close with my family. I am currently studying German and French here at Southern. I speak German almost fluently and have studied in Baden-Wurttemberg twice. I also spent my last summer in Paris trying every kinda of French onion soup and hot chocolate possible. Sorority also plays a huge role in my life, I am a voting member of the Greek Like Council and love to see Greek unity across campus. But, my sisters are who I am truly the closest with on campus and I wouldn't trade them for anything!
Jennifer 'wallflOWer' Straub
Inactive Member

My name is Jenn and I am sister wallflOWer. I am a senior business management major that is graduating this December! I work in Brownell Hall as an administrative assistant and I love traveling, shopping and laughing.
Xi Class
Claudia 'innoSINce' Caron
Inactive Member

Hey guys, my name is Claud and I am a Junior at SCSU. I am studying Public Health, and plan on to by a Nurse in the Nursery in the Future. I love going to the gym and coffee shops to have some "me" time! I believe everything happens for a reason and if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. I would not be here without my family and I love them more than anything! Omega Zeta Pi has given me so many sisters that are right by my side, and I love them all!
Sydney 'HYPnotiq' Cocca

My name is Sydney Cocca and I'm a senior working on a degree in Public Health. Family is very important to me and my parents and sister are my best friends. I have a pit bull who is the love of my life! I also love elephants and going to raves. I'm not a very athletic person, but I am pretty creative. I'm also a movie junkie. I consider myself to be pretty outgoing and goofy. I live by the motto that we should live every day to the fullest and never take anything for granted!
Hannah 'roSAE' Martin
Inactive Member

My name is Hannah Martin I am a Nursing major and hope to eventually work with children. I enjoy playing sports and I am very close with my family. I love to travel and experience new places. 
Katherine 'MAgiC' Miller
Inactive Member

My name is Katherine Miller, I am currently a junior and a nursing major.  I have been taking voice lessons for five years now and I danced for ten years before that. I am very close with my sister and have one dog, his name is Brady, named after Tom Brady. I love football and I love the Patriots, I also love makeup, and have an obsession with the makeup store, Ulta. I also love Disney and the Disney Princesses, I hope to be a Disney princess in the future in the Disney College Program.
Marisa 'SereNnity' Noschese
Recruitment Chair

My name is Marisa Noschese and my sister name is SereNnity. I am currently a senior marketing major here at SCSU. My passions in life are fashion and anything with creative thinking. After I graduate, I hope to participate in the Disney College Program and then move to New York City. I hold two social media internships currently and am loving what I am learning but hoping to take my career into the fashion or entertainment industry. My life is very busy but at the end of the day, my sisters are always the reason I smile. NUPA
Kimberly 'Stiletto' O'Brien
Vice President

I am a senior majoring in English. I aspire to go into the field of student affairs and higher education after finishing my undergraduate degree. I am also a well known face around campus, as I am the President of the class of 2017, a member of the student government, and the leadership commissioner. In my free time I enjoy reading, swimming, hanging out with her friends, and volunteering around campus. My favorite animal is a sloth.
Meaghan 'Serendipity' 
Active Member

Hi! My name is Meaghan Tetro and I’m a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in International Business. Outside of academics, I am pretty involved on campus; I am a representative-at-large for Student Government Association, I am the treasurer for the class of 2017, and I’m a resident advisor in North Campus Midrise. I’m an avid coffee drinker and I love French bulldogs (especially puppies)!
Our Advisor: Mr. Sal Rizza

Sal Rizza has served as Director of New Student and Sophomore Programs since September of 2014. Sal graduated from Southern in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in English and also holds a master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies. Following graduation, Sal began his career in the field of higher education by working with the Department of Residence Life as a graduate intern, hall director, and most recently as the Associate Director of Student Life for the past ten years. As the Director of New Student and Sophomore Programs, he is excited to build programs that support the success of first-year students, transfer students and sophomores as well as working with the Veteran's Affairs Office. Sal is also the Faculty Adviser to Omega Zeta Pi Sorority.

Spring 2017 Inactive Sisters
Jessica 'PIXie' Yupangui
Active Member

Hello!  My name is Jessica Yupangui and I am sister PIXie of Omega Zeta Pi sorority.  I am currently a senior here at Southern and my major is Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Public Health and Self Design.  After graduation I will pursue a nursing career in Pediatrics and I can’t wait to work with kids!  I’m from Wallingford CT and usually spend my days working at a local diner there. I love my family, hanging out with friends and going shopping.  My dream is to travel all around the world and to ultimately reside in California.
Mu Class
Nu Class 
Madison 'DaiquiRri' Barone
Inactive Member 

My name is Madison Barone, also known as sister DaiquiRri! I am currently a sophomore here at SCSU working on a degree in psychology. I am very close with my family and I love being around people! My favorite things to do are shop, travel, and take pictures!​​​

Abbey 'WildFire' Brannen
Active Member

My name is Abigail Brannen, also known as Sister WildFire. I am currently a junior studying Early Childhood Education and Psychology. I love the beach, traveling and spending time with my friends, family, and beautiful sisters! My dream after graduation is to move to New York City and teach in an intercity school! 
Mackenzie 'CHAMPagne' Gries

Hi!!! My name is Mackenzie Gries & I am sister CHAMPagne of Omega Zeta Pi Sorority. I am currently a junior in the Nursing Program & I am also a member of Southern's Best Buddies Chapter. I am an avid lover of country music, backroads, cows, puppies, scary movies, family, friends, & coffee. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason & in ALWAYS treating others the way you would want to be treated.
Renee 'Roulette' Marquis
Scholarship Chair

Hi my name is Renee! My sister name it Roulette. I'm a junior in the Nursing Program. I'm a commuter from Naugatuck. I love to snowboard and take naps. I'm allergic to everything under the sun.
Joelle 'MirAGe' Hage
Spirit Chair

​​My name is Joelle and my sister name is MirAGe. I'm a sophomore studying for business management and possibly a minor in arts. I thoroughly enjoy doing art, I love the outdoors, and going for hikes and I dream of traveling.​​​​
Emma 'Nirvana' Nwagboli
Active Member

Hey! My names Emma Nwagboli, also known as sister Nirvana. I am currently a Junior studying Public Health! I love to sing, make people laugh and spend time with my sisters. I have a crazy obsession with candy crush and a love hate relationship with the outdoors. Big believe in not stressing about the little things.
Mallory 'bUTterCup' Perruccio
Celebration Chair
​My name is Mallory Perruccio and I am sister bUTterCup! I am a senior here at Southern and am an Elementary Education major with a focus in English. I'm very close with my family and my mom is one of my best friends! My favorite activities include singing, going to the movies, hanging out with my wonderful friends, visiting the beach and going to alpaca farms.
Alysa 'PoproCks' Sigovitch
Judicial Board

Hi, my name is Alysa Sigovitch! I am currently a senior, studying Public Health. I aspire to graduate with honors and to work for the Red Cross or the Connecticut Department of Public Health after graduation. On my free time I love spending time with my family, traveling, and making amazing memories!
Alexandra 'SPeed' Sosa
GLC Representative

My name is Alexandra Sosa also known as sister SPeed! I am currently a sophomore at Southern and I am a Business major focusing on Marketing. I love being with my family and friends, going shopping and playing soccer when I have spare time.
Omicron Class
Cassandra 'moXIE' Lamarre
Active Member

My name is Cassandra and I am sister moXIE. I am a senior studying English and Leadership Development. I plan to attend graduate school and earn my Masters in Higher Education. I’m currently an Orientation Ambassador and Senior Resident Advisor on campus but, when I’m not on duty you can find me watching Disney movies or Greys Anatomy. I love hanging out with my friends and family and in my spare time I love to do anything that involves my amazing sisters.​​​
Chelsea 'Nova' LaFargue
Active Member

Hi my name is Chelsea LaFargue! I'm a sophomore at SCSU and I'm majoring in Special Education. I love cheese, hiking and making others smile! I'm involved in hall council and I'm planing on joining more clubs as the school year goes on.​​​
Cierra 'LethAL' Green
Social Chair

​​My name is Cierra and I’m a Marketing Major. On campus I’m involved as a student worker doing Marketing as a Student Development Officer for the Student Philanthropy Council. Some of my favorite things are playing tennis, watching the Red Sox win, my bunny Phoenix, Classic Rock & 50s/60s music, and my sisters. After college my dream is to move to Boston to do Sports Marketing!
Shelby 'SmokeShow' Kinahan 
Inactive Member
Stephanie 'RUNway' Soete
Active Member​

Hi, my name is Steph! My sister name is RUNway. I'm from Farmingdale New York and I'm a sophomore in the Athletic Training program. My hobbies are eating, shopping and working out. One day I hope to be an Athletic Trainer for the New York Jets, being that football is my favorite sport. I love going to the beach, and traveling and hope one day I will be able to travel to Germany.​​
Sivan 'LudicrOus' Tepper
Active Member​

Hi my name is Sivan. Im from Shelton CT. I'm a sophomore and a pre-nursing major. In my spare time I like to play with puppies or play sports! I love hanging out with my friends, family and my sisters​​
Kayla 'moonShINe' Viviano
Recruitment Chair/Public Relations Chair​

My name is Kayla, sister moonShINe of Omega Zeta Pi. ​​I am a commuter from Southington, CT and a senior studying Music, with plans to get my MA in Music Education and Vocal Pedagogy! I love the Boston Red Sox, my cats, anything musical theater related, and spending time with my beautiful sisters! 
Gabby 'SugarSnap' Stein
GLC Representative

Hi! I'm Gabby but my sisters call me SugarSnap! I am a Sophomore majoring in Psychology where I hope to one day be able to help as many people as I can. I'm a hopeless romantic who has a major case of wanderlust. You can usually find me with a smile on my face​!
My name is Shelby Kinahan, also known as sister SmokeShow! This is my sophomore year and I am majoring in Psychology. I hope to go into either Clinical or Criminal Forensic psychology, I'm still undecided on that. My favorite way to spend spare time is with my family and friends.
Pi Class
Sara "dynaMITe" Bosco 
Active Member​

Mikaela "MaLiBU" Bourgoin 
Active Member​

Hi! My name is Mikaela Bourgoin and I am sister MaLiBU! I am currently a freshman here at Southern studying pre-nursing. I love going to the beach, laughing and being around my friends, cat and family. Omega Zeta Pi has made my college experience incredible and I wouldn't change it for the world!​​
Emily "Reign" Caffrey 
Active Member​
Marissa "WisTeria" Colla 
Active Member​

My name is Marissa Colla and I am sister WisTeria of Omega Zeta Pi sorority. I am currently a freshman here at Southern studying Nursing. I hope to one day work in the NICU. I love ice cream, spending time with my family and friends, and being at the beach.​​
Ashley "Irreplaceable" Hutchinson
Active Member​

Hi! My name is Ashley Hutchinson, sister Irreplaceable of Omega Zeta Pi sorority. I am a freshman at SCSU majoring in nursing! I hope to work as a surgical nurse when I graduate. I am from Wallingford, CT and my family is so important to me. I enjoy spending time outside at the beach or hiking, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends. I aspire to take on every day with a smile and to make the most out of everything.​​​​
Destiny "goldMINe" Lewis
Active Member​
Mikayla "MidnighT" MacClain 
Active Member​
Jovanna "Halo" Mancini 
Active Member​
Alyssa "RedHott" Pannone 
Active Member​
Mindy "AuRora" Phan 
Active Member​

My name is Mindy Phan and I am a junior majoring in Recreation and Leisure with a concentration in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management and minoring in Leadership Development. I am a Peer Mentor Coordinator, an SGA Representative at Large, an active member of ZDE, a Resident Advisor, and President of the Class of 2018. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.​​
Kaylee "DeSire" Roux
Active Member​
Megan "SaPphire" Sigovitch 
Active Member​

My name is Megan Sigovitch, sister SaPphire! I am a freshman at SCSU majoring in Public Health, I aspire to work for the CDC when I graduate. My favorite ways to spend my spare time is with friends and family. I love to travel and see new things.​​
Nicole "Pistol" Thibodeau 
Active Member​